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Behind the Scenes -- a team effort

Each board produced by Haze Surfboards is the result of a coordinated process, including designer, shaper, laminator, glosser, fin installer, artist, and sander and polisher. I do a little celebration dance when a board comes off the finishing racks to honor the labor and love that brought it together. Check out below to learn a little bit more about how our boards are created -- maybe you'll be doing a little two-step when you treat yourself to a new board

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Asymmetrical Surfboards and Design

Every time I go out, I learn something new. Something that I once wished I could do just seems to happen now. I don’t even expect it to, and then I’m just like “WOW, this is how I want to surf!” This is what I’ve always wanted to do out here, but I’ve never been able to find a board that allowed me to surf like that… and now I have three of them… and that’s the worst part! Now I have to figure out which one to ride. So it’s like oh great, now what!? We have to make more!!

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