Surfboard Designs by Haze. -Kiernan Brtalik

Thanks for checking out my line of custom surfboards. I've taken some time to design a site that allows you to explore some creative possibilities for your next surfboard. I hope you like it. This site features designs and concepts that I have been building upon for over 15 years, starting in Long Island, NY and out to San Diego, CA.

Please, read on for some more background on my craft! 

Past: I began shaping surfboards with an obsessive mentality towards trying new designs and experimenting with new materials. When I was able to successfully pitch the idea of building an 8’ x 12’ shaping shed next to my parent’s house in Bellmore, New York, Haze took flight. Over several years, my family and neighbors tolerated late nights with high decibels from my Hitachi power planer, plumes of dust bellowing into our back yard, and more than enough resin vapors.

15 years ago :: Shaping a custom order in the shed my dad helped me build.

15 years ago :: Shaping a custom order in the shed my dad helped me build.

Present: Living in San Diego for the last 9 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with, and learn from the best shapers and designers in the industry. These people have constantly provided motivation, inspiration, and insight. Recently, I tossed all my templates aside for a series of unconventional shapes – including dual fins, channeled bottoms, staggered fin clusters, beveled and chined rails, and asymmetrical rail profiles, outlines, and contours

The chance to sketch new lines, unconstrained by convention, opened a light into a deeper realm of design concepts. In addition to these experimental projects, I’ve also developed a suite of functional and timeless designs. This quiver is based on unconventional experimentation, as well as 15 years of shaping’s trials and errors.

Recently, I’ve noticed a growing number of Haze customers are looking for designs that they’ve seen in the water, personally tried out, or have heard about from their friends. While wild experimentation and full customization will always be a part of my design and shaping prerogative, my ultimate goal is to produce surfboards that help people have more fun, and push their personal surfing limits.

Future: I have created a tried-and-true collection of surfboard designs – including logs, mid-lengths, asymmetricals, and some other classic designs. These are boards that have been built upon over many years of interaction with customers, friends, and other surfers, as well as personal experimentation. Each board carries a Haze stamp of assurance: functionality, durability and timelessness. This customizable collection of designs will enhance consistency, and provide a new platform for creating, experimenting, and customizing future refinements.

Where you come in: All of you out in the water, shredding and sliding around on Haze boards, are the best source of feedback, encouragement and inspiration I could ask for. Thank you for all of your photos, social media posts, and feedback. If you’re up to it, I would love your help continuing to spread the word as we launch Haze into its next iteration with a new web platform and quiver.

Thank you,
Kiernan Brtalik
Shaper/Owner, Haze Surfboards