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Designed for punchy sand bars and tight pockets, especially shorter interval wind swells or tight little slabs.  While this board likes to be ridden with sweeping arcs on the open face, it's perfectly suited for quick adjustments and shifts while in the pocket or for setting your lines.

The Gumby is offered from 5’2″ to 6’6″.

Glassing Finish:
Let's Build it!

More about this board: I like this one because you can really through it around! Connect your top and bottom turns with speedy, smooth lines similar to the Moonwalker, but get an added benefit of being able to place the board where you want it.This design gives a precise control for tight carves in the pocket, while still maintaining smooth arcs on the open face. The toe rail features a tunnel channel for added drive, control, and hold. Try switching up fin templates as the wave conditions change to experience multiple sources of power and control.

Size Recommendation: Depending on your personal build and ability level, this board should generally be ordered about 4 inches below (for an intermediate to advanced), to 4 inches more than your height (for a beginner to intermediate, or someone with a slightly heavier build).

New to Asymmetrical design? Check out this conversation about our designs.

A common misconception is that asymmetrical boards are designed for the wave direction (lefts or rights), but they are actually built for your stance. Asymmetrical designs provide a board that considers your heel and toe surfing characteristics... think about it, we don’t surf symmetrically, so why should our boards be built symmetrically?

Stock Dimensions:

  • 5'2" x 20.3" x 2.35" x 28.7 L
  • 5'4" x 20.5" x 2.45" x 30.95 L
  • 5'6" x 20.75" x 2.55" x 33.7 L
  • 5'8" x 20.95" x 2.6" x 35.2 L
  • 5'10" x 21.2" x 2.6" x 37.4 L
  • 6'0" x 21.3" x 2.6" x 37.8 L
  • 6'2" x 21.45" x 2.65" x 39.95 L
  • 6'4" x 21.6" x 2.7" x 41.9 L
  • 6'6" x 21.6" x 2.8" x 44.35 L

**Have some slight modifications to these dimensions? Let us know your thoughts, and we can customize to your preferred specs.

Fin configuration: This board comes standard with three fin boxes, positioned for riding as a twin or a staggered tri (one fin on toe, two fins on heel).