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Designs & Custom Surfboards




Haze Surfboard's is focused on one thing, building custom-ordered surfboards with high-end construction and aesthetic. To do this, Haze Surfboards offers over 15 years experience designing, building, and testing hand-built surfboards. The goal of this website is to offer a clear path for you to learn about, customize and access Haze Surfboards.

With roots in Long Island, New York and a decade spent in Southern California, Haze Surfboards' designs draw from both East and West Coast surf and surfboard styles. Check out a few words from Kiernan Brtalik, founder of Haze Surfboards, to learn more about the history, influences, and inspirations of Haze Surfboards. If you still want to learn more, check out Kiernan's interview with Eastern Surf Magazine.




Shaping each blank into a custom craft is an artistic endeavor that allows us to bring internalized abstractions of surfboard designs and concepts into the physical world.